Step 1: Building the Instagram account

If still, the Instagram account has not been created, use the company email and create it simply by following the steps. There is some important stuff you have to do to prepare the page for the next step. First, convert the Instagram account into a business account.

Simply go to setting, find “convert to business account” and follow the steps. Then add some important info about the business such as email, local address and so on.

Also connect Instagram to other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and so on.

Step 2: Username SEO

The name and username that you select for the business is very important and must follow some specific rules.

  • Must be very simple, readable and understandable
  • Avoid very long usernames
  • People will find the page by searching for the username
  • Select something that people will mostly look for

Step 3: Advanced bio structure

Most people and companies have no idea how they have to write a professional bio. Below I will show you a general structure for bio which you can follow almost everywhere which will bring results. Each bio must have 3 short sentences. Follow the structure below.

  • Why people should follow the page?

In a couple of words mention a good reward that people will or may receive if they follow the page.

  • What is your page about?

In several words, explain exactly what this page is about.

  • CTA – Call to action to capture leads

This is one of the most successful bio structures you can follow when you want to write a bio. There are some general rules which will help a lot to have a better bio.

  • Before each sentence use emoji that explain what that line is about.
  • use the most simple and understandable words possible
  • The shorter, the better

8 rules to have a successful post

To grow a page you must know what rules to follow when you want to create a post and upload it. If you do it the right way sooner or later you will see the result you are looking for inside the page. Let’s have a look.

1- Time: It is very important to post a time that is suitable for followers. There are many theories for this part but we are going to make it very simple.

Depending on the type of the business either post between 9 am – 5 pm (B2B for local businesses) and 9 am- 9 pm for others.

2- VRIN: VRIN was a powerful strategy to analyze and create a post for social media platforms which we talked about it in the Digital Marketing Mentality chapter. Review the instructions again and try to follow them here as well.

3- Post topic: There is a pattern that you have to learn to be able to deliver better posts. We are going to divide posts into 2 types:

Expected – 70%

Surprise – 30%

When people follow a page they expect a certain type of posts, they want to see more of those. If all of your post would be like that, it would become very boring for followers and it get harder to grow.

It’s like a movie, if you exactly know what will happen next you won’t watch it, it needs the element of surprise. So you need to add 30% of other post which is generally different with the regular ones.

Also 100% of surprise posts won’t work. So try to keep the ration as mentioned above.

4- Targeted hashtag: Using hashtags on Instagram has many uses and you already should know about it, but here we will talk about a simple strategy that will help you to grab more attention of potential followers.

You must know who your competitors are and use their main hashtags. Usually, each company has a hashtag special for them, for example for my own page it is #digitalmarketinggang, Find those hashtags and add it to your post this way you can attract your competitor’s followers to your page.

5-Post CTA: Every post must have CTA (call to action), ask people to do something, click on the bio link, tag someone and so on. Over time it will bring many followers to your page.

6- Create and follow a main theme: It is very important to create a good harmony inside your page. Everything follows a common theme inside the page. It will look more professional and will be more convincing for people to follow.

7- One main place: I suggest deciding a location to drive all traffic to. It can be the Instagram page, it can be other channels or even a website. Use that address inside all posts, videos or images. Some people write down their IG username under all posts.

8- Tools you need: There many apps and software out there to use to create better posts for IG or other social media platforms. But there are some which I suggest using.

  1. Word Swag
  2. Typorama
  3. Phonto
  4. Canva
  5. Photoshop

A Bonus Tip For Instagram Marketing

Most people think Instagram marketing is all about the number of likes and follows, it’s not especially in business. 100 targeted followers worth much more than 10,000 random followers. Create a plan, focus on it, keep doing it over and over and it will work.

Advanced marketing strategies for Instagram

Till now we have talked about the fundamentals of Instagram marketing and what rules you should follow to deliver a better post. Now it is time to focus more on marketing strategies that will bring results. In this part, we will learn about 4 powerful Instagram marketing strategies. Let’s begin with the first one.

1. Follower attention

This is one of the best strategies that

So the whole concept of this strategy has 2 main steps:

  • Find where your potential follower exist
  • Grab their attention

This concept also applies when you create an ad on social media platforms. There you should also define your target and with ads grab their attention, but here we will use free strategies and some tools that can help you do it faster and easier.

Step 1: Find pages that your potential followers hang out. For example, if your page is about fast food, then you should find all the fast food in your area, create a list and go to their Instagram pages. People who followed those pages are more likely to follow yours as well, so they will be your potential followers. You can also find them using some specific hashtags.

There is another way to find your target follower if your page is about a local business. For example f you have a restaurant, and there are 10 companies, businesses, and stores nearby, you can target the followers of those pages.

Step 2: Now that you know where they are, you should grab their attention. If you want to do this manually, you have to send a follow request, like their post and leave comments, but you must be careful not to spam people otherwise Instagram will block your page for some time.

But also there are some automation apps and extensions that can help you a lot.

All you have to do is to add this extension to your chrome browser, then open another window, open Instagram on your browser and log in to your Instagram page. Then create a task by selecting a specific hashtag. Everliker will use your Instagram page to like posts from those hashtags and this way you can grab the attention of the people who uploaded a post using that specific hashtag.

2. Feature page

The next strategy we are going to talk about is to create a feature page (one or more). Normally you have a page about the business and in this strategy, you have to create other pages with the same topic but without any promotional posts.

For example, if your business is about fast food, you can create a feature page about fast foods and try to just delivery value with your post and attract people.

Then later after you feature pages get a good number of followers you can start to promote your business page. The reason that this strategy works is that people usually don’t like to follow businesses but they are more likely to follow pages that are not about business and won’t promote a product.

3. Shoutouts

The next strategy is shoutouts when a page shares another page’s post or story and invite their followers to follow the shared page. There are many ways to do a shoutout but the main ones which you need are:

Shoutout for shoutout

In this strategy, you contact another page with the same topic and almost the same follower amount and deal to shoutout each other. It is free and will bring tons of followers.

Paid shoutout

In this way, you can find pages with the same topic but with a lot more followers than you, and ask for a shoutout. They will give you a price list of how they can introduce your page to their followers and how much it cost you.

Always ask for the amount of reach and impression on their posts or stories. The reason is that if they have fake followers the number of reaches will be much lower than you expect

Invite influencers

Find influencers around you with the same topic and invite them to your business. Do something for them or provide a service and in return ask for a shoutout.

For example, if you have a hair salon, invite some beauty influencers and provide some free service and in return ask to share a post about you.

4. Contest

You may have heard of contests before and you may think it is very simple, but there some important instructions you have to follow in order to become successful.

First of all, apply this strategy on Instagram when you have more than a couple of thousands of followers, otherwise, it won’t work. The more followers you have the result will get bigger and bigger.

Before on Facebook marketing, we had talked about it but we are going to repeat the general steps again here as well.

Step 1: Set a valuable reward connected to your business – Mega Giveaway

  • Must be valuable for people, something they want
  • When ppl say you are crazy, meaning you are on the right path
  • Low-value reward = no result

Step 2: Design a good ad image

  • Use canva to create a sample –
  • It must show the reward first
  • It must show the value in $ – right top corner

Step 3: Sign up to

  • Sign up
  • Create an offer in woobox

Step 4: Write the post copy

  • The first line must be reward inside stars: REWARD – write the value in $

Step 5: publish on Instagram

Step 6: run ads using Facebook manager

Instagram sales funnel

Having a successful Instagram page doesn’t mean that it is ready for business and making money. Most people miss this part that they have to convert those followers into customers and for that, you need to know more about sales funnels.

The Instagram page must direct people to a landing page, a place where you capture leads. About sales funnels and leads we will talk more in upcoming sections but for now, we will review some general tips that you have to follow.

  • The landing page that you will direct people to, must be optimized for mobile
  • Because people on Instagram use a phone
  • It is better to capture lead instead of selling a product right away
  • You can use leads to prepare them to buy a product
  • Give something for free to create an incentive to give you their email
  • Give a reward (a pdf, or …) to push people more
  • Use email marketing to convert those followers into customers
  • We will learn more about it in the email marketing section

Use the tools below for more information and analytics for your page. you can also provide these analytics to your clients as reports.


Instagram post quality test: 

When you upload a post, Instagram run a test on it for a short time which is called quality test. To Instagram, the posts which receive a huge engagement right at the beginning is considered a high-quality post. If Instagram marks your post as high-quality, then Instagram will show the post to more people.

So if you can bring more engagement at the beginning your posts will be seen more and more. Some people create a group with friends and whenever they post something, they ask each other to like and leave a comment.

But there are also some platforms that you can pay and take part in events which give a huge engagement by tool name executivemafia . It’s a company that create special event for this purpose and will put your page in a list with other pages with the same topic.

Also you should know that the effect will be much more if the pages that like and comment on your post have a huge number of followers.